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A full-stack interactive comments section inspired by Reddit

This project is my solution to a free coding challenge from Frontend Mentor. The main goal was to build out an interactive comments section and get it looking as close as possible to the provided design previews.

Another requirement was to implement the 4 basic CRUD operations, either client-side only or as a full-stack app, where users would be able to create, edit, and delete comments, as well as rate (upvote/downvote) other users’ comments.

Since I was looking for an extra challenge, I chose to build the full-stack version! 😊 I chose React, JavaScript and Tailwind CSS for the frontend, which is also fully responsive and looks quite nice on mobile.

The backend is a REST API, and was originally built with Node.js, JavaScript, Express and a SQLite database, with one-click login authentication provided by Google Identity Services. I later decided to completely refactor the backend and migrate it to TypeScript. I also took the opportunity to learn Prisma, a type-safe ORM for SQL databases.

I dubbed the app “LuccaBoard”, as in “Lucca’s message board”, a revolutionary new message board platform for commenting and sharing hot takes to your heart’s content. Overall, I’m quite glad with the end result!

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