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A full-stack note-taking app for developers and lovers of Markdown

LuccaNotes is a full-stack note-taking app built with the T3 stack, an opinionated technology stack for building end-to-end type-safe web apps with Next.js and TypeScript.

The main goal of this project was to build an online Markdown note editor using the T3 stack and serverless platforms, such as Vercel and Supabase, in order to streamline the app’s deployment process.

With LuccaNotes, I learned several new technologies and integrated them into a functional full-stack CRUD app, such as tRPC for type-safe APIs, and NextAuth for Next.js authentication, and Headless UI for improved accessibility. I also took this opportunity to deepen my knowledge of stuff I was already familiar with, including Next.js, React, Tailwind CSS and Prisma.

In addition to strengthening my web development skills, I was also learned common UX design practices as I was developing LuccaNotes. I created full design mockups in Figma for the app’s UI, using an iterative approach to experiment with different ideas before settling on final designs for each page. I also created a full design system in Figma which proved to be a great match for Tailwind CSS.

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